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Summer School Information
Summer School will be a Hybrid Credit Recovery Process. Here are the options you can choose from:

1. Traditional In-Class Summer School – in the classroom with Ms. Bussard
2. Independent Study – Meet with the teacher weekly at your scheduled time/day to collect assignments, turn in previous work, and get any help needed.
3. Online Courses – Cyber High, eDynamics, FuelEd. You name it we’ve got it. You may work at home or in the class dependent on counselor/parent recommendation.

• Students can miss no more than one day per 3 week session. There are no excused absences.
• • Three (3) tardies = One (1) Absence
• • Any combination of tardies and absence that adds to more than one absence will be cause for student to be dropped. (Once you have an absence, no tardies are allowed).

• Any student that does not follow the rules and policies will be dropped from summer school.
• Lunch will be provided except for the evening classes (6/19-21)

*** Cassidy Little & Darryl McBride will also be offering additional services to supplement any student in the Summer School program.