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Happy Camp High School Dress Code

All students are expected to adhere to common practices of modesty, cleanliness, and neatness; to dress in a respectful manner within the acceptable standards of the community and in such a manner as to contribute to the academic atmosphere, not detract from it. Students who fail to comply with this dress code may be sent home and be subject to disciplinary actions. 

All footwear is acceptable except steel-toed boots and slippers. Students in P.E. and shop classes must wear footwear that is appropriate for active participation and safety. 

Clothing should fit appropriately and shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments when the student is sitting, standing, or raising their arms. The length of the skirt, dress, or shorts must be at least 2 inches above the knee, and if shorter must be worn with knee length leggings. Manufactures bootcut slits are acceptable. 

Halter-tops, crop tops, strapless dresses, tube tops, mesh shirts, sheer blouses, muscle shirts, half shirts, and men’s sleeveless undershirts are not appropriate for school. Shirts and blouses must cover undergarments, back, abdomen, and cleavage. Pajamas as flannel pants are inappropriate. Sheer skirts and dresses are also not acceptable! 

Any attire/paraphernalia/symbol that signifies gang affiliation will not be allowed on campus. Any attire/paraphernalia/symbol that displays a logo or other message promoting alcohol or controlled substances, violence, or illegal activities may not be worn or brought on campus. 

Clothing accessories and jewelry shall be free of writing, pictures, symbols, or any other insignia that are crude, vulgar, profane, obscene, libelous, slanderous, or sexually suggestive. Clothing, accessories, or jewelry that degrade any cultural, religious, or ethnic values, presents a safety hazard, or that advocate racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice or discrimination are prohibited. 

The administration has the final word on appropriate clothing. The school dress code applies to all school functions on or off campus. Teachers are charged with the responsibility of enforcing student dress code in their classes, hallways, and within campus boundaries. Administration and other school personnel share the same responsibility. Teaches shall follow school procedure for discipline referral regarding dress code infractions.

Dress Code Infractions Procedure: 
1. First period teacher determines if student’s clothing is a dress code violation. 
2. Teacher requests student change into student’s alternative attire or the office will provide alternative attire. 
3. Teacher contacts office to request parents be informed and asked to provide alternative attire. 
4. Parent will bring alternative attire or pick up the student to take home for changing their clothing, and returning them back to school as soon as possible. 
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