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Detention Policy

Students are given detention for reasons such as disrespectful behavior or excessive tardies, etc. Students who have to serve a detention after school can make it easy upon themselves by choosing to accept the responsibility, and then just showing up and serving it. Detentions are served with the staff or with me. The student is given the choice to make arrangements with the staff member they want to serve with, or they can go to the assigned staff room at the designated time.

When a student chooses to neglect their responsibility they are choosing to not take part in any extra-curricular activities. We call this being on the NO GO List. Athletes cannot practice nor play in games until their hours are completed. Non-athlete students are not allowed at games, dances, etc… Students may choose to exchange their detention hours for on campus suspension or Community Service. They will earn twice the number of hours served when completing successful Community Service.

Community Service comes in many forms. Students may help neighbors around the house, at parks, for the housing district or they may clean up trash around the school grounds. They can choose to tutor a younger student or give a presentation to their classmates. Hours are awarded only when a completed form is returned. You can find a copy of the form here

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