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Happy Camp School Calendar
District Wide Performance Task to be Given November 5th
What is a Performance Task and why do the students all have to do it? Right now, that is a question a lot of students and parents may be asking.
Our Performance Task is a SUHSD-wide assessment, to give our students a chance to show their writing skills in a controlled setting. Throughout the district, all students are given the same articles to read and students then take part in discussions on those articles. This evens the playing field, ensuring all students have background knowledge on the topic on which they will be writing.
Before the actual Performance Task is given, students have worked with the rubric, which shows them exactly what is expected in the final task. Fortunately, the writing task topic is usually one in which the students have a lot of interest, and when it comes to writing, they should have a lot to say.
Teachers have been leading classroom discussions and prepping for the Performance Task for several days now. The actually task will be given on Tuesday, November 5th. We plan on allowing all morning for this assessment, but more time will be given if a student wants it. It isn’t a timed test, and students are encourage to do their very best.
So how does this effect my student’s grade? The actually assessment will not have any bearing on your student’s grade. However, some teachers may elect to give a student a participation grade based on effort, use of resources and readings, and use of organizational tools provided. In other words, we want to give our students the message that the entire writing process is important in this assessment.
Students will know how they performed on the District Wide Performance Task before Thanksgiving break. Students and teachers will use the rubric and student scores to not only measure how much improvement there has been since the last Performance Task, but also areas in the writing process that are weak and need to be remediated.
Welcome Back!
Although we are always a little sad to say good bye to the sun and fun of summer, we are excited to begin a fresh new year. Students will report to the gym Wednesday, August 21st, at 8 a.m., where we will have a Welcome Back Assembly.

At the end of the assembly students will receive their schedules. Students who would like to request changes in their schedule can sign up for an academic counseling appointment with Ms. Oliver and she will assist in schedule changes.

Lockers will be assigned the first day. We encourage all students to use the locks provided for their lockers (both PE and Hall lockers), to ensure personal items don't disappear.

The beauty of a small school is our small class sizes and our ability to know each student well. The challenge is fitting all their required classes and electives into a workable schedule. Every effort is made to get every student the classes needed, but in cases where this isn't possible, we offer a wide array of on-line courses through a variety of on-line programs. When on-line classes are assigned, students will have a "teacher of record" on staff available to answer questions and help students stay on track. While on-line classes can be challenging for some, others enjoy the variety of options and the ability to maintain their own pace.

Parents may have questions about our programs this year and we encourage attendance at our Back To School Night on Wednesday, September 4th at 5:30 p.m.
Happy Camp High School has an open campus for the lunch period. We do, however, offer lunch here on campus and encourage all our students to participate. Students sign up for either breakfast (nutrition) and/or lunch each morning, and we bring the meals to the school directly from Happy Camp Elementary School, where they are made.

Parents are invoiced monthly for meals purchased by their student the previous month. Many students qualify for the free or reduced lunch program, where students may qualify for a free lunch and breakfast, or meals at a reduced rated.

If you are interested in applying for free or reduced meals, please click on the Lunch Program link in the Quick Links section on the right side of this page and complete the application.
Congratulations to the Happy Camp High School Class of 2019!
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