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The mission of Happy Camp High School is to provide a meaningful education that promotes self-esteem, provides useful tools for life-long learning and productivity, recognizes individual needs and goals, and provides a safe, secure environment for students through the efforts of staff, community, and parents.

Upcoming Events This Month

Wow! Where has the time gone? Spring Break is over and the school year is passing so quickly! During the next two months there are many tasks ahead of us. First is testing. We will be giving the SBAC test to 11th graders starting April 23rd and continuing into May. We will also be completing the CST Life Science testing with 10th graders. Second is WASC preparation, which involves creating a Self-Study report designed to be a snapshot of the school and all its activities. Our third task is scheduling for next year, which includes collecting a Wish List for each student, then working to create a Master Schedule for next year that meets the needs of our students. So much to do and so little time, but our students are worth it!

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Today: 9/1/15