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Upon graduation, Happy Camp High School students will be college and career ready. Our mission is to prepare students to meet that goal by providing a positive environment with useful tools for life-long learning and productivity.

Staff Appreciation

Carissa Bussard - English, PE teacher

Manufacturing Tour 2017

Schools Unite for Peace

Annual Anti-Bullying Awareness March

Happy Camp High students continue their winning streak!

Thanks to the consistent efforts of students and teachers of Mrs. Mitchell's and Ms. Bussard's classes, they have once again come out on top! ChatterHigh competitions have students researching information about college programs across the US and Canada. Our students have taken these competitions very seriously and have been greatly rewarded. So far, they have won prizes of $200, $400, a Chromebook and an $80 pizza party, along with individual prizes.

Winners announced!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 15 Day ChatterHigh Challenge!

We are excited to announce our winners:


Free Chromebook: (2,500+ webpages visited)

  • Happy Camp High School, California, 2,635 webpages visited

Free ChatterHigh Pizza Party: (top 3 most active classes)

  • Happy Camp High School, California, 2,635 webpages visited

Kind Words

Students send kind words to other students, staff and teachers.

Real Education

Inaugural Trip

Upcoming Events

Dates & Important Upcoming Events

     May 1 - softball in Weed, vs Greenville, 2pm @ Bel Air Park

             3 - End of Progress Period

             4 - HC Drama Club Presentation @ 6pm

             5 - Track Meet in Mt Shasta

             6 - SAT testing

            10 - Board meeting (via PolyComm) in the public meeting room

            12 - College and Career Day @ HCHS 10-Noon

                    Bob Humphries retirement party/pot luck at the park 2:30pm

             17 - Open House 5-6:30pm hot dogs being served

             18 - final SITE Council & Title 6 meetings, begin at 4pm

             20 - Prom at the Headway bldg

             24 - Annual Sports Award banquet - 5:30pm


Our Teams Need Parent Volunteers

drivers wanted.jpg
Without Parent Volunteers we will have fewer opportunities for our athletes and enrichment opportunities. Come in to see Carol about being a volunteer driver. 

Today: 4/29/17

Helping Youth Succeed: A Guide for Parents and the Community

Includes Healthy Kids Survey Results